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I've been in Canada for seven years, and I finally made it to the NHL hockey game. We bought tickets to see the game in Calgary. Didn't feel like spending 200 to 300 dollars for seats close to the ice and got cheaper, further ones. So we missed the experience of seeing hockey players from close and appearing, with all the extra padding and skates, as a giant.

We took the train from the downtown to the hockey arena. Security at the entrance was little more intense than I expected, so when I realize I have small camping knife in my backpack, I had to wait for a friend to get through the traffic and leave it in his car. Finally, we made it inside the stadium. Cameras were not permitted either. There goes my desire to be a sports photographer for a night.

Our seats were pretty high, and we had to walk up, around, and up, more up, and around one more time. By the time we got in, up, and found our seats, it was about 7 minutes in the game. Luckily didn't miss a single goal. I felt little under-dressed in the sense of my colour choices. Most of the fans wore at least one piece of clothing red. It was a sea of red dressed people. Red jerseys, red scarfs, red hats, or combination of two or more. I was wearing blue. I guess the wrong team, should have to go to see the game in Vancouver.

Calgary Flames played that night against a brand new team in NHL Las Vegas Knights. After the first period, the Flames were losing 0:1. Knights scored one goal.

First intermission and we decided not to leave our seats. We could go and get a beer, but the only beer you can buy at the arena is Budweiser for 9 dollars, and I don't consider that a beer. As entertainment they had little kids play hockey for about 5 minutes. They appeared to do better than the adult ones, scored two goals. We watch about 5-7-year-old kids trying to steer the skates, hockey stick, and a puck all at once. Some had a hard time with one thing, so all three seemed impossible.

The second period started, and Flames scored. We watched the audience cheer and encourage their team. Most of the time someone randomly started chanting Go Flames, Go. It never really stayed and died soon after. Near to us sat the hockey expert. That one fan in the audience is thinking he knows how to play hockey better than everyone else. Always eager to share his opinion with everybody around, no matter if you are interested in his comments like; just shoot already, what are you doing. Born hockey expert that criticizes players just to complain about something.

Flames managed to get the second goal by the end of the second period. They are winning. Fans are happy, the stadium is shouting, and the mood is high.

After the break, Knights started pushing. Calgary was holding for a long time. They almost made it. Then two minutes before the end Knights scores. The audience is not very happy, but hoping for the turnaround. It is pointless, 10 seconds later Knights scores again, turning the game 3:2 for the Las Vegas. Half of the fans are already taking off and leaving the stadium before the end. They can't watch it; their team disappointed them. Then the last blow comes. One more goal less than a minute until the end of the game. The game is over; fans are mostly gone. They will never be satisfied - because, apparently everyone can play hockey better than the ones getting paid for it.

Game over. Calgary Flames vs. Las Vegas Knights 2:4. Might be worth saying that Calgary lost against the best team in their division. As much as I'm not a hockey expert, I would say their win was deserved. Las Vegas played better that night. They didn't give Calgary any chance in a penalty, mostly pushed Calgary around their side and definitely overshot them.


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