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Scam, or What can Happen while Trying to Sell Furniture Online

31. července 2017 v 7:24 Stalo se

You know the feeling, when you are moving and you are trying to figure out what you have, what you need, and what to just sell? I have been trying to downsize, organize, pack, donate, and sell my possessions. It is very stressful and it doesn't help when, on top of that, somebody tries to scam me. It seems like it is becoming more and more common to try to wrongfully get money from people.
I was trying to sell my bed frame for some time on Facebook Buy and Sell groups with no luck. It was a nice wooden bed frame, still in its original packaging. After some time, I kind of gave up on Facebook and decided to post it on Kijiji. I received an answer in a couple of days. That was fast, sweet! I think I will be able to sell it. The guy sent me an email that he is interested in buying my bed frame. He is moving there, but working out of town right now, and he will have somebody else move it for him. Not so unusual. Also, he wanted to pay through PayPal. That seemed a little off, but I was willing to go with it.
The next email I received was more than a little off. He informed me that he had paid me for the bed frame through PayPal and that he had also sent an extra 330 dollars on top of the bed frame price. He said that PayPal is holding the money and if I haven't received an email I should check my spam folder because sometimes they are there. The $300 was for his moving agent that I am now supposed to send money to. Another 30 dollars was included to cover the charges for the transfer. An email from PayPal was in my spam folder; it said they have money taken from his account, but they are holding it until I send confirmation about me transferring $300 to some agent. They wanted me to use Western Union and needed the verification number of the transaction.
It was morning, I haven't had coffee yet, and I was staring at both emails, one from him and the other that was supposedly from PayPal, feeling like Alice in Wonderland. So how should I send him money? What money? The money I haven't received yet or my money? What the hell is Western Union? Why do I send money to some agent? Why can't he send the money to him? I am not his secretary and if he can send money to me, I am pretty sure he can send it to his agent as well. Hello, it's the 21st century, use your credit card. Or, you can use Western Union. If you have access to email, you have access to Western Union websites. Also, his agent was in Atlanta and I live in Terrace, BC. Did he look at the map and see how very far I am? For $300 you are not even going to be able to get to Vancouver unless you are hitchhiking, then good luck, I hope you are taking Highway 16.
After some googling I found out that there are a bunch of scams involving PayPal and Western Union. I reported him to PayPal and Kijiji. PayPal informed me right away that the email is a scam. Kijiji apologized for the bad experience and informed me they blocked his email address from the Kijiji website. I sent an email back to him, informing him that I did some thinking and research, and I will not be sending any money to any agent.
To my biggest surprise, he had the arrogance to respond back:

What do you mean? I have already had your money sent and the said funds have been deducted from my account. PayPal will not release the hold on the funds in your account until you get back to them with the details of the western union for the excess funds. I do not have access to the funds any longer and PayPal has all authority over the funds...I should be the one to worry about the safety of this transaction because, I am out of my money and yet to see the Item paid for. Proceed to the western union and have the excess funds sent to the shippers information and I will like to remind you that no one can access or receive the money you sent via western union without having access to the receipt that will be given to you when you have the money sent. I will also notify PayPal via email of this
development for record purpose.


Really? I guess he didn't clue in from my email that I did some research. But, be my guest and report yourself to PayPal, please.
I thought the story would end. I was wrong. The next morning, I received another email. This one from fake PayPal. I started reading, unsure if this was real. He was threatening me that LEGAL ACTION will be taken, that my bank account will be BLOCKED. I was getting upset. You don't want to read something like this first thing in the morning. I finished the email, and started laughing. This could not get more ridiculous! At the end of the email there was written, "Thanks for your co-operation, yours sincerely, INTERPOL TEAM, CONNECTING POLICE FOR A SAFER WORLD." Interpol, really? That's just too much! I would probably believe him more if he sent an invitation to Hogwarts or threatened me with Lord Voldemort!
The local police won't investigate scams unless you lose money, and even then they can't really do much. They will take your statement and give you the number for a team in Ottawa. And even they won't do anything, just pass it on to another organization. So threatening me with Interpol for $300 is just ridiculous. I have attached the whole email, just to prove I was not making this up:

Dear PayPal User,
It is important for us to know the status of the transaction between you and "Jordan David" otherwise "LEGAL ACTION" may be taken against you since you refused to provide the Western Union details to PayPal.
We believed you entered into bidding agreement by requesting money through PayPal, you have violated the PayPal agreement and they made us aware the transaction can not be reversed. However the buyer has already contacted us in other to make report about your non response,we are ensuring to make PayPal a safer place, therefore we need to set confidence on our users. We request for the Scanned Receipt and the Western Union details in less than 24hours and released the funds into your account or face the consequences of "LEGAL ACTION". This is in other to protect both the seller and buyer.
We use proprietary technology and constantly innovate to help ensure your transactions are safe. In addition, PayPal has over 20,000 staffs worldwide dedicated to put a stop to online fraud. And we work with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide to shut off fraudulent websites as soon as possible.
NOTE:Failure to abide to this means your Name and Address will be forward to the law enforcement agency in your country to get you arrested, because you are practicing fraud and your PayPal account and your bank account will be BLOCKED.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,



After reading this email a second time, I am still laughing at the empty threat. I notice poor grammar, sentence structure, and the use of wrong words. Now I hope he will give up, or maybe he will send an imaginary Interpol officer to investigate imaginary money from a supposed PayPal account. Maybe he will be looking for me in Terrace Dr. in Atlanta, which he had probably mistaken for Terrace, BC. Good luck with that.


31. července 2017 v 7:19 Literární snažení

She was lying in the bed, staring at the dark ceiling. Her schoolmates were already asleep. She could hear their quiet breathing. She really wanted to sleep, but couldn't. First night in a strange bed. She never liked it and always felt nervous about it. Someone once told her what you dream the first night in a strange bed will come true. Most of the time, she didn't remember her dreams, and when she did, they were kind of funny and ridiculous. So why can't she sleep now? Intuition? An omen? Maybe she was thinking too much; her brain was awake. She looked from the window, listened to the floor squeaking, cars driving by, the wind blowing, the door creaking...

The door to the room opened slowly. The hallway was pitch black. A tall figure dressed in a long dark cloak slowly entered the room. He looked in the closet and slowly passed by the beds of her schoolmates. She was terrified, couldn't move or scream. She pretended she was sleeping, hoping he will go away. He was a man, that much she could tell, but she couldn't see his face. He stopped beside her bed and stood there. Just watching. In his right hand she spotted something silver: A knife.

She woke up, still trembling from the horrible dream, remembering the man with the knife. Slowly, she looked around the room. Nobody was there. The doors to the room were closed, same as the doors to the closet. Her schoolmates were sleeping quietly. She had to have fallen asleep and that must have been a horrible dream, just a dream, nothing else. No need to worry. Her breath slowed down, she was much calmer now. They were safe. All the doors were locked, and nobody can come in. She looked from the window, listened to the floor squeaking, cars driving by, the wind blowing, the door creaking...

Mozaikové sklo - Stained glass

25. července 2017 v 6:27 Stalo se
Byla zima, a já byla nezaměstnaná. Co s takovým časem? Kromě lyžování jsem se chodila učit vyrábět mozaikové sklo. Tímto bych chtěla poděkovat Claudovi za čas a energii, kterou strávil vysvětlováním technologie a postupu.

It was winter and I was unemployed. What should I do with so much time? Being a ski bum, obviously. Also I learned how to make a stained glass. I would like to thank to a Claude Rioux for teaching me how to make a stained glass. It was an amazing experience.

Svícínek, loď, podtácky, a další svícínek - Candel holder, boat, coaters and another candle holder (vlastní design, own design)

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